A little bit about me...

I'm @nydrewreynolds, a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, and a forever-disappointed New York Jets fan.

By Day

In December 2019, I joined the awesome marketplace team at TeePublic. It's an exciting opportunity to tackle problems and improve an onsite experience loved by thousands every day, all while supporting independent artists.

By Night

In 2019, I wanted to learn how to run my own business, drive traffic to a site, and learn how to sell something I created so I formed Any Labs. The first product, an automated meeting scheduling tool, turned out to be entering a very crowded market with some large, venture-backed players. As a solo founder, I struggled to find a competitive advantage and decided to move on.
Talking to potential customers of that product helped me uncover another opportunity to serve freelancers, small businesses, and no-code makers. I'll be announcing/launching that product in Q1 2020!